Seven Ph.D. Positions in International Studies (Italy) Deadline: May 07, 2019

University of Trento

Application Deadline

May 07, 2019

Program Commencement

November 01, 2019

Duration of the Program

3 Years

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Program Details

The Ph.D. in International Studies, the flagship programme of the School of International Studies at the University of Trento is now inviting applications from qualified candidates for even Ph.D. Scholarships. It brings together leading research departments (Economics and Management, Faculty of Law, Humanities, Sociology and Social Research) to construct an interdisciplinary research degree. The programme’s mission is to produce PhDs able to compete on the international academic job market and to follow careers in international intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations. Access to the programme is open to citizens of any country in possession of a graduate degree in disciplines related to International Studies.

The three-year Ph.D. programme focuses on the study of International Law, International Economics and International Politics and History. It will be composed of about 200 hours of structured coursework, a period of research outside Italy, and a dissertation, written under the supervision of a faculty member. All coursework will be in English and will be taught by members of the university’s multi-national faculty.

The Ph.D. programme in International Studies focuses on the study of complex international phenomena, which often prove comprehensible only when analyzed with the support of various, interconnected disciplines.

The doctoral programme will focus on the following themes; International Politics and International Security; European Studies and Integration Process; Economics, Law, and History of Global Interdependence. For this reason, the course takes a multidisciplinary approach that combines solid foundations in one or more reference disciplines with the discovery of methodologies, concepts, and keys to interpretation that derive from the other core sectors in international studies.

The doctoral programme includes two methodological courses; two multidisciplinary courses in which a series of research topics is tackled from a range of disciplinary points of view (economics, law, political science, sociology, history); and a rich programme in Academic Writing designed to strengthen scientific writing skills in English in preparation for the final thesis, as well as for other written work (articles, reviews, etc.) necessary in research work. Students wishing to undertake a thesis in the field of economics will have the opportunity to acquire further tools for economic and quantitative analysis through a series of advanced courses (international economics, econometrics).

A series of Guest Lectures presented by professors invited by the School of International Studies, and meetings with practitioners working in international organisations together with Short intensive courses to strengthen soft skills (covering areas such as project management, drafting of a policy briefs, or research project proposal writing for competitive tender, for example) complete the programme offered.

The official language of the doctoral programme is English.

The number of places funded by scholarships and/or covered by internship contracts or other forms of financial support may be increased, should financing from other universities, public research bodies or private organizations be made available after publication of this announcement and no later than one day before the assessment of qualifications.

Eligibility/ Requirements

Applications for admission to the Ph.D. programme described above are accepted from candidates (regardless of gender, age or nationality), who holds:

a)  an Italian Laurea Magistrale, recognized by Ministerial Decree no. 270 of 22 October 2004 or

b)  second level degree awarded by an Italian “AFAM” Institute (Artistic and Musical Higher Education) or

c)  an equivalent degree qualification awarded abroad at an officially recognized academic institution and which is considered suitable by the admissions committee for the sole purpose of participating in this admissions process.

Foreign qualifications must be equivalent to the Italian ‘Laurea Magistrale’ (master’s degree), in terms of duration, level, and subject area and must give access to an academic course equivalent to the Ph.D. in the country/higher education system where the degree was issued. The preferred disciplines are Economics, Law, Political Science and Sociology, International Relations, as well as Humanities, History, and Philosophy, or other disciplines related to International Studies.

Application Process

Applications are to be made online.

Application can only be made online using the form at: .

Documents to be submitted:

  • Copy of the applicant’s identity card or passport

  • Degree certificates: Italian “laurea specialistica” or “magistrale” or equivalent titles obtained abroad.

  • Curriculum vitae in English.

  • A short research proposal in English (max. 4 pages – 2000 words, excluding bibliography and title page). Each candidate may only submit one proposal, which must include a title page showing the candidate’s name, the title of the proposal and an abstract of no more than 150 words. The proposal will be used for admission purposes to assess the candidate’s analytical and methodological abilities and can provide a basis for the doctoral thesis. The precise thesis topic will be defined during the first year together with the supervisor.

    The success of a thesis project depends on the close match between Ph.D. student and faculty research interests. For this reason, interested applicants are recommended to consult the research profiles of the faculty and present a proposal in line with the research activities of the School of International Studies, or on the specific topic carrying a scholarship.

  • A short statement of purpose in English (max. 500 words) outlining their reasons for undertaking doctoral research and for choosing International Studies at the University of Trento.

  • An international certificate attesting the candidate’s knowledge of English at C111 level or higher in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

  • List of scientific publications (if applicable/optional).
  • Any other qualifications, such as international examinations (GRE or equivalent/optional).
  •  Any other documents which help demonstrate the candidate’s research skills (awards, scholarships, post-graduate study, and research, etc.if applicable/optional).
  • Maximum two reference letters (not mandatory).

  • a brief letter of motivation (not mandatory).

For further information on the program and the application can be found here. Website here.

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