Postdoc in Technology and Social Change (Sweden) Deadline: Oct. 29, 2018


Application Deadline

October 29, 2018

Program Commencement


Duration of the Program

(Upto) 2 Years

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Program Details

In close collaboration with the business world and society, Linköping University (LiU) conducts world-leading, boundary crossing research in various fields. Linköping University (LiU) is a state university in Linköping, Sweden. The Department of Thematic Studies of the university was the first in Sweden to offer an academic setting for thematically organised, interdisciplinary, socially relevant research.

Technology and Social Change is a nationally and internationally leading environment for research and education in how people create and use technology, and how technological change is interwoven with cultural patterns, everyday life, politics, ethics and economy. Third cycle and first cycle studies specializing in issues of technology and social change are carried out at the department. Combining strong research with undergraduate and postgraduate programs and courses, often in collaboration with actors outside the university, the point of departure is a critical, reflective approach, to develop new ways of understanding established social phenomena, in order to benefit both scientific and social development.

The main task of the postdoc will be research in the project “Smart grid – a future electricity grid for all?” Research in the project comprises conducting interviews, collecting documents and texts and qualitative analysis of these sources. Empirical work will focus on the study of households and users who risk to be excluded or neglected in the implementation of smart grids and related services. Work requires close collaboration with project partners and companies and shall result in the publication of articles in international journals. A Postdoc will essentially carry out research. The position may also involve teaching, but during no more than a fifth of work time.

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Eligibility/ Requirements

The position requires a doctorate or an equivalent degree from a foreign university. The doctorate shall have been obtained no longer than three years before the expiration date of the application.

Documented scientific skills in studying smart grids, energy technologies or information and communication technologies from a social science perspective will be regarded as a particular merit. This is also the case for documented skills in methods of qualitative social science. Language skills in Swedish will be considered an advantage.

A Postdoc is appointed until further notice, but for no longer than two years. The appointment can be renewed if there are special reasons.

The University applies individual salary scales adapted to the experience of the employee and to the labour market.

Application Process

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For clarifications and queries, contact:

Jelmer Brüggemann (Head of Unit) OR Harald Rohracher (Professor) OR Camilla Junström Hammar (HR manager).

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