Ph.D. Position in Philosophy & Bioethics (Sweden) Deadline: April 30, 2019

University of Gothenburg

Application Deadline

April 30, 2019

Program Commencement

September 01, 2019

Duration of the Program

4 Years

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Program Details

The Department of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Theory of Science at the Faculty of Arts, University of Gothenburg invites applications for a Ph.D. position in practical philosophy with a focus on bioethics, antibiotic resistance, and the environment.

The department has about 100 staff members and a student body corresponding to about 350 full-time equivalents. It is home to a large number of national and international research projects and offers courses and degree programs for philosophers, logicians, linguists, language technologists, theorists of science, historians of philosophy, philologists and philosophy teachers. The Department also arranges doctoral education and development work in its various academic domains.

Practical philosophy at the Department of philosophy, linguistics, and theory of science comprises comprehensive research activities across basic and applied philosophy and a large active group of doctoral candidates of similar scope. The Gothenburg practical philosophy research environment is particularly strong in applied ethics and political philosophy, focusing on topics in bioethics, business- and financial ethics, global ethics and the ethics of technology. Two full professors, two senior lecturers and several doctoral candidates and young researchers are active in this area. The research is often multidisciplinary, linking to several cross-faculty centres, of which the present position links to the Centre for Antibiotic Resistance Research (CARe).

The present position is funded by the project EDAR, a collaboration between the universities of Gothenburg, Princeton, and Umeå, supported by the Swedish Research Council to develop a multidisciplinary research environment on the environmental dimensions of antibiotic resistance. For this reason, while the planned doctoral thesis will be in practical philosophy, it must fit the area, as well as the multidisciplinary nature, of EDAR. EDAR is directed by Joakim Larsson, scientific director of CARe, and the bioethical research is led by Erik Malmqvist and Christian Munthe, who will supervise the successful candidate.

Eligibility/ Requirements

To be eligible for the position, the applicant must meet both general and specific entry requirements.

General entry requirements:

A person meets the general entry requirements under Chapter 7, Section 39 of the Higher Education Ordinance if he or she:

  1. has been awarded a second-cycle qualification, or
  2. has satisfied the requirements for courses comprising at least 240 higher education credits of which at least 60 higher education credits were awarded in the second-cycle, or
  3. has acquired substantially equivalent knowledge in some other way in Sweden or abroad.

Specific entry requirements:

Admission to the third-cycle program in Practical Philosophy requires:

  1. 30 higher education credits in Practical Philosophy as a second-cycle subject, at least 15 of which must be from a degree project or equivalent knowledge,
  2. the type(s) of Swedish and English skills needed to be able to benefit from compulsory parts of the course and to be able to actively participate in seminars and similar activities. For further information about the general and specific requirements please refer to study syllabus at this link.

Application Process

In order to apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg, the applicants need to register an account on the online recruitment system

For the application to be considered complete, it must include:

  1. An introductory letter of 1.000 words maximum (approx. 2 pages), preferably shorter. The letter should consist of four paragraphs in the following order: a) a short presentation of yourself, b) a short presentation of your merits, c) a short presentation of the intended research project and d) a short account for why the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science and CARe are of interest to you.
  2. A CV, including a list of publications (if applicable).
  3. Theses, degree projects and any publications. These are assessed based on the following five quality criteria, of which the final two have the heaviest weighting: Suitable subject definition, relevant questioning, suitable command of the subject and structuring of the thesis, suitable use of language, formalities, academic quality and independence.
  4. A project draft no more than 2,500 words in which the applicant stipulates a research domain that he/she would like to develop, justifies its relevance and discusses which theories, methods and materials would be relevant. The project draft is assessed on the basis of the following criteria: whether the research displays familiarity with previous and current research, whether the research questions are viable and grounded in current research, whether the draft is judged to be realistic, as regards its implementation at third-cycle level and whether the draft shows that it is likely the applicant will make a valuable contribution to research in the field. The project draft also provides supporting information for assessing the Department’s supervisor competence within the research domain stipulated.
  5. Other documents such as letters of recommendation.

Complementary documents, such as publications/books should be sent in two copies to the following address and marked with the reference number. University of Gothenburg, Att: HR Administrator, FLoV, Box 200, SE-405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden.

More information about the practical philosophy research environment in Gothenburg can be found here

For further information please contact: Lena Eriksson, head of postgraduate studies +46 31 786 4184 or Christian Munthe, PI for ethics within CARe

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