Masters in in Biology (Germany) Deadline: June 15, 2019

Universität Regensburg

Application Deadline

June 15, 2019

Program Commencement

October 1, 2019

Duration of the Program

Four Semesters

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Program Details

Universität Regensburg invites applications for the international Master’s program in Biology. The Master of Science in Biology (M.Sc.) is designed to deepen the scientific knowledge and is more strongly research-oriented than the bachelor program. The program aims to shape the scientific education and personal competence of the students for their future work in any part of the life science or associated fields.

Within a standard period of study of four semesters (two years), students study three focus subjects by attending lectures, seminars, and practical courses. In the practical courses, which include six weeks of experimental work, students are directly involved in a current scientific project in one of the research groups of the faculty. Thereby students can choose from a wide variety of research fields, e.g., Biochemistry, Biophysics, Botany, Developmental Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Human Biology, Microbiology, Nature conservation, Neurobiology, Ecology, Cell Biology, and Zoology. In addition, students can choose from “secondary” subjects that are offered by other faculties of the university, e.g., Bioorganic Chemistry, Human Genetics, Immunology, and Medical Microbiology.

According to the student’s interest, study programs can be individually created. Each student can individually create his or her study program either aiming towards a broader spectrum or specializing in a specific field of research. The study program is finalized by an independent research project, the Master’s thesis, in which students work in depth on a project for nine months. The study program includes three compulsory skills modules: Communication Skills, Job Skills, and Research Skills.

In these modules, students gain essential competencies and are trained in scientific strategies and presentation of scientific results. After completion of a Master’s degree, the trained skills and acquired competencies will allow successful students to work in a variety of different work environments in the life science field. They may pursue a doctoral research project within the graduate school of the faculty of the Regensburg International Graduate School of Life Sciences (RIGeL) or any other academic program. There are also excellent job perspectives in the life science field outside academia that students with a Master’s degree can choose from.

There are NO tuition fees for the program.

Eligibility/ Requirements

Academic admission requirements for the Master’s program include the following:

1. a university degree or comparable degree with a minimum of a three-year study program of Bachelor’s biology or a related subject with a minimum overall grade of 2.5 (German grading system; for degrees obtained outside of Germany, the grade is converted by the modified Bavarian formula)

2. proof of English language skills (level B2; common European frame of reference)

If a minimum overall grade of 2.5 is not achieved, an additional aptitude test has to be passed. The test is conducted as an oral peer review by three examiners (botany, zoology, molecular biology) with a duration of 30 minutes.

If the Bachelor’s certificate is not finalized by the application deadline, a transcript of records in which the preliminary overall grade is shown has to be presented. The student must have earned a minimum of 150 credit points in the Bachelor’s program.

Applicants with a degree from a non-German speaking institute have to prove basic German language skills. This can be provided by a German language course (minimum of 120 hours) or by proof of a German language level of A1 (common European frame of reference). If the proof of German language cannot be presented by the registration deadline, a preliminary registration (matriculation) is possible. An automated exmatriculation is initiated if the proof of German language is not obtained by the end of the second semester.

Applications to the program must include the following documents:

  • cover letter with date, current postal address and signature
  • curriculum vitae
  • proof of English language skills (level B2; common European frame of reference)
  • proof of basic German language skills (level A1; common European frame of reference)
  • high school certificate
  • if available: university admission examination
  • copy of passport / identity card (no translation required)
  • APS certificate (original) for applicants with a Bachelor’s degree from China, Vietnam or Mongolia
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate or certificate of a degree in a related subject showing the final overall grade (if the certificate cannot be presented by the application deadline, a transcript of records with a minimum of 150 credit points, showing the preliminary overall grade has to be presented)
  • transcript of records, showing the contents and credit points of every course of the study program (if the contents are not shown in the transcript of records, a module catalog has to be presented)
  • proof of the completion of a written thesis (project or Bachelor’s thesis)
  • application form for admission

Please note:

All documents (Bachelor’s degree certificate, transcript of records, module catalog) have to be translated into English or German by a sworn translator (certified translation). Documents in another language will not be accepted.
For the application, a simple copy of the documents (in its original language) and a simple copy of its translation in English or German are sufficient.

The original documents have to be presented only upon enrolment at the university.

Application Process

There is no online application. Application documents have to be sent by post to:

Dr. Elisabeth Brunner
Fakultät Biologie und Vorklinische Medizin
Universität Regensburg
D-93040 Regensburg

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