M.Sc. User Experience Design (Germany) Deadline: Dec. 01, 2019

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

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March 15, 2020


Three Semesters

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Program Details

The Faculty of Computer Science at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt invites applications for the Master of Science (M.Sc.) in User Experience Design. 

Digital technologies play a significant role in all areas of everyday life. Modern societies need professionals with thorough understanding of how to design and develop user-friendly interactive products and engaging ways to interact with various technological devices. In the Master’s programme in User Experience Design, students will get up-to-date know-how on interaction design, human factors and ergonomics, multimodal and multisensory human-computer interaction, audio/video processing and game design, interface solutions for augmented/virtual reality as well as design strategy and management. In a broader context, graduates develop relevant skills for scientific thinking and writing and are enabled to participate in or manage complex projects. They have further developed the intercultural and communicative competencies required for an international context.

The program is designed as follows:

Semester One: Research Methods in HCI (including Human Factors and Basics of Ergonomics) (5 ECTS); Interaction Design Including Practical (6 ECTS); Programming for Multimodal, Interactive Systems Including Exercises (6 ECTS); Project: Natural User Interfaces (NUIs) (5 ECTS); Agile Project Management (3 ECTS); Individual Electives (5 ECTS)

Semester Two: Audio/Video Processing and 3D-Animation Including Practical (8 ECTS); Augmented/Virtual Reality Applications Including Practical (7 ECTS); Design Strategy and Design Management (5 ECTS); Project (5 ECTS); Individual Electives (5 ECTS)

Semester Three: Master’s Thesis (28 ECTS); Master’s Thesis Seminar (2 ECTS)

Eligibility/ Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline with 210 ECTS credit points is required. Applicants who have completed a university degree or equivalent, for which less than 210 ECTS but at least 180 ECTS credits have been awarded, may be admitted with the approval of the Examination Board if the application for admission proves lack of competence.

For application, we ask for a copy of the degree certification as well as of the transcript of records / grade sheet. Provisional certificates and transcripts as available are accepted. However, in case of admission, the final certificate must be shown at registration/enrolment.

As the programme is entirely taught in English, we ask for sufficient English language skills, documented by a certification of level B2. The proof is not required provided the university entrance qualification certificate (certification of secondary school) or the Bachelor’s degree was acquired from a programme conducted in English or in the event that the applicant possesses the citizenship of a country in which English is the native language.

Furthermore, knowledge of the German language as certified by the Goethe Certificate level A1 or by equivalent certification is required. This certification is not required of applicants who have completed their university degree in the German language or when the applicant is a citizen of a country where German is spoken as a first language. At the latest, the corresponding certification must be shown at the end of the first semester.

Application Process

Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree from outside of Germany must first apply via uni-assist from as soon as possible.

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