B.Sc. in Molecular Ecosystem Sciences (Germany) Deadline: April 30, 2019

University of Göttingen

Application Deadline

April 30, 2019

Program Commencement

Oct. 2019

Duration of the Program

6 Semesters

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Program Details

The University of Göttingen is a public research university in the city of Göttingen, Germany. Founded in 1734 by George II, King of Great Britain and Elector of Hanover, and starting classes in 1737, the university is the oldest in the state of Lower Saxony and the largest in student enrollment.

The BSc in Molecular Ecosystem Sciences offered by the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology of the University of Göttingen is an English-taught undergraduate degree with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and internationality. It provides diverse and advanced knowledge in life sciences and related disciplines. The program is research-oriented and focuses on practical training. Students will have an opportunity to study many subjects that cross traditional disciplines; for instance, the “Terrestrial Biogeochemistry module” combines microbiology, biochemistry, and soil science. Learning generally starts with understanding the molecular basis of biological and ecological processes. Then it progresses into the application of knowledge to the ecosystem level. Such multi-level analysis of various factors enables students to grasp complex concepts. Practical skills training is aimed at the students’ professional preparation. They will gain critical thinking skills and master a wide-scale scientific approach.

Graduates will gain a diverse and comprehensive knowledge of biological sciences. Since students explore both ecological and molecular processes throughout their studies, they will learn to interpret information on different scales and see biological systems as interdependent units. The course equips its graduates to meet the international and interdisciplinary demands of many fields. Graduates will be able to specialize in the field of their choice in the future while having the advantage of being able to think in broad contexts.

A significant proportion of graduates go onto further study in biological and environmental fields. Others embark on a professional or scientific career in areas such as law or conservation.

There is NO tuition fees for the course.

Eligibility/ Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the following general admission requirements:

  • University entrance qualification
  • proof of English language proficiency
  • Fluent spoken and written English  (All students must submit a language certificate as evidence of sufficient linguistic skills for the study program: TOEFL: 173 – computer-based, 500 – paper-based, 61 – Internet-based; IELTS: 5; FCE: Grade C; or equivalent).

Proof of German linguistic abilities is not mandatory for the program, but it is highly recommended, as it is useful for daily life. (Free courses are available for students).

Please visit the Course Website for more details.

Application Process

Read more on the Application process here and submit applications.

Contact the Program coordinator Dr. Anne Sennhenn mes@gwdg.de Tel.: +49-551-39-13206 if you have questions.

The Scientific coordinator of the program is Prof. Dr. Konstantin V. Krutovsky.

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