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All great journeys start from a love affair —a love affair primarily with ourselves, a yearning for something we urge ourselves to become, a desire for the unknown, a craving towards something that does not yet have a form. It is the spirit of the wanderers. It is the breath of the explorers. The urge to discover new places, people and to change ourselves in the journey. The Insightist walks along with you to help discover that inner yearning to become what you become. For us, it is as exciting a journey as it is for you.

In a world that is increasingly making walls, we stand for making bridges — bridges between people, cultures, and nations. In its finer sense, it is to make bridges from ourselves to the other, to know and experience the other, so that we broaden our worlds together. To enrich mutually in the process, so that we overcome what is stifling us, and embrace the collective human tradition that the Greek Cynics of the fourth century BCE upheld or what some ancient Indians meant when they said Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: to think all human beings to be the fellow citizens of the world.







Crossing boundaries may inspire, reinstate or challenge us. For us, being cosmopolitan is not about losing our distinctive identities but about getting used to each other; as eloquently put by philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah: “We should learn about people in other places, take an interest in their civilizations, their arguments, their errors, their achievements, not because that will bring us to agreement, but because it will help us get used to one another.” (By the way, listen to his fascinating BBC Reith Lectures here). And we are not the only ones talking about it: See, Venice Biennale celebrating Freespace or this Berlin institution that calls itself Falling Walls.

We are here to walk you along while you cross bridges. For us, walking along is about creating value for the other person – be it a co-worker, client or a fellow traveller – in every encounter we have. With utmost respect for individual choices, creativities, and diversities, with humility and self-respect, we aim to create a world together. With every meeting we have, every content we create, every tool we device, we aspire to make the other person’s life better, to make our collective lives better. To create a better world – a better world not only for us but also for the future generations.






We are located at the Factory Berlin, a 19th-century brewery that reincarnated to be an innovation hub to distill the finest startup ideas. Every day, when we cross Bernauer Straße to the Factory, we are reminded that we are crossing the death strip of the Berlin Wall. A few decades back, if you ventured to walk these few steps, you had to be inventive and still most probably, would have been shot by the guards who were patrolling the Wall. We celebrate the freedom of movement and work every day, literally!

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